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LITGROW is lighting the future at every echelon of socially-responsible and environmentally-sustainable horticulture. We are integrating recent technological advances with time-honored horticulture techniques to enable anyone and everyone, from the backyard gardener to the farm producer, to naturally and honestly cultivate their own food with integrity.


Litgrow adamantly stands behind every remarkable individual on this planet by empowering them with indispensable tools to take charge of their own sustainable garden, no matter how big or small.The past decade has seen great strides in the field of hydroponics. One of the greatest steps taken was in the grow lights sector, where the world of hydroponics was permanently transformed by the introduction of digital lighting. An improved alternative to the traditionally loud, heavy and power-wasting magnetic ballast has finally arrived and brings along with it, very encouraging possibilities for the future of hydroponic farming.

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