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BuildASoil BIG 6 Micronutrients + Humic Acid

BuildASoil BIG 6 Micronutrients + Humic Acid

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Product description

BuildASoil BIG 6 Micronutrients + Humic Acid


We have done thousands of soil tests and over the years and we've noticed that our particular soils are usually very high in Iron but very low in manganese and 5 other Micro-nutrients like Boron, Cobalt, Copper, Molybdenum and Zinc!

Once you regain balance in your Iron to Manganese relationship and bypass the limiting factors of the others, you are in a position to drastically increase yield and disease resistance.

This is going to be a flagship product here at BuildASoil and we are very happy that Dr. Faust at Faust Bio-Ag was willing to custom formulate this product for us.

If you have been using TM-7 this is a great time to drop the Iron and ramp up the Manganese by using our newest product.... the BuildASoil BIG 6 MicroNutrients!! 

These 6 Micronutrients are balanced and chelated through Faust Ful-Humix Humic Acid to make sure that we can use safe amounts and they will only help the plants. If you have questions please feel free to email us,

Useful Info

BuildASoil BIG 6 Micronutrients + Humic Acid from BuildASoil on Vimeo.

How To Use

Seed activation: For vegetable seeds soak 72 hours at 1/8 tsp per gal. For other, soak for 24 hours at same ratio.

Soil and Container plants: 1/4 - 1/2 Tsp per gal of irrigation solution.

Hydroponic: 1/4 - 1/2 Tsp per gal of nutrient solution used in reservoir (use with every change. Top-offs can be chared with 1/4-1/2 normal rate).

Foliar Rates: 1/4 Tsp per gal every 7-10 days.

Field Use: 2-4 pounds per acre every 3-6 weeks. Pre-Plant Soil

Conditioning/Bioremediation: 5-10 pounds per acre. 1/4 tsp= 1g 1/2tsp= 2g  

To Make a Concentrated Liquid Solution:

1. Add 300 grams of Big 6 or TM-7 to one gallon of hot water (110 degrees F) and agitate.
2. After 1 hour, all undissolved solids will have settled.
3. Apply liquid solution at a rate of slightly less than 1/2 ounce per gallon of water.

*Please note approx 15% is insoluble and can be cast in compost or garden. Exceeding application rates can cause irregular growth. Store dry and away from excessive heat.

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