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Golden Barrel Sulfur-Free Blackstrap Molasses

Golden Barrel Sulfur-Free Blackstrap Molasses

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What is the difference between sulfured molasses and unsulfured molasses?

Molasses can be sulfured or unsulfured. If your molasses is sulfured, that means sulfur was added to sugar cane during molasses production as a way to keep the sugar cane fresh until processing, killing unwanted bacteria, and helping to whiten the resulting sugar crystals. In terms of recipes, there should not be a difference if you use either type of molasses. The sulfur dioxide used during manufacturing does not add or take away from the molasses's nutritional profile; however, if you are allergic to food preservatives that contain sulfur, look for the unsulfured variety when your recipes call for molasses.

What is this molasses made from?

All Golden Barrel molasses is made from sugar cane and has no additives or preservatives.

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