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Bloom Cal Mag Yellow Bottle 1L

Bloom Cal Mag Yellow Bottle 1L

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Bloom Cal Mag Yellow Bottles

You know it by the distinct Yellow Bottles. Agricultural Organics out of Australia has created one of the most popular boutique nutrient lines on the market today. Bloom Yellow Bottle Nutrients offers a complete line of nutrients and additives that will make any garden explode with high yields and happy plants. Bloom Cal Mag 1 liter increases calcium and magnesium availability. Bloom Cal Mag 1 liter acts as a reviver for most plant health issues and will green up foliage. It will also increase chlorophyll production resulting in higher photosynthetic rates. When using high doses of potash the addition of Cal Mag will result in balanced nutrient absorption. 
  • Promotes a healthy plant through calcium and magnesium availability
  • Highly concentrated with calcium and magnesium solubilized with nitrogen
  • Includes chelated forms of iron and zinc to increase plant growth
  • Can assist with cell division – use in the vegetative cycle to keep calcium and magnesium levels high
  • Aids in the uptake of potassium and phosphorus when used in the flowering cycle
  • Can be used as a remedy when the plant is yellow due to lack of calcium and magnesium – an application will increase the chlorophyll levels resulting in higher photosynthetic rates
With Bloom Yellow Bottles, you don't need to reduce your fertilizer application when using the products. Bloom Yellow Bottles can be used in any growing medium, indoors or outdoors, with any growing method.

Bloom Cal Mag Ingredients
Calcium nitrate, magnesium nitrate, chelated iron and chelated zinc

Bloom Cal Mag Mix Rates
Recirculating: 0.5 ml per liter
Soil: 0.5 ml per liter
Run to Waste: 1 ml per liter

Bloom Cal Mag 1 liter Packaged Product Makes
Recirculating: 300ml = 600L / 1L = 2000L / 2.5L = 5000L
Soil: 300ml = 600L / 1L = 2000L / 2.5L = 5000L
Run to Waste: 300ml = 300L / 1L = 1000L / 2.5L = 2500L

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