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Bloom Grow B Yellow Bottle 1L

Bloom Grow B Yellow Bottle 1L

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Bloom Grow B - Yellow Bottles

You know it by the distinct Yellow Bottles. Agricultural Organics out of Australia has created one of the most popular boutique nutrient lines on the market today. Bloom Yellow Bottle Nutrients offers a complete line of nutrients and additives that will make any garden explode with high yields and happy plants. Bloom Grow B 1 liter is part of a two part grow and flower nutrient that is easy to use and pH stabilized. Grow A and B is the vegetative base nutrient of the line, offering plants everything they need to exhibit rapid vegetative growth with healthy stems and leaves. These concentrated two part bases are mixed in water then fed to the plant for root zone uptake. The perfect plant nutrient for your garden! 
  • A highly concentrated hybrid, buffered base nutrient
  • Dedicated vegetative cycle base nutrient
  • More suited to vegetative cycles over 2 weeks
  • Will provide all the macro and micro nutrient the plant requires
  • All input ingredients are chelated and available over a wide pH range
  • On dilution it will pH around 5.5 – 5.8 and should remain stable (any fluctuations between 5.5 – 6.5 should be left for the system to stabilize)
With Bloom Yellow Bottles, you don’t need to reduce your fertilizer application when using the products. Bloom Yellow Bottles can be used in any growing medium, indoors or outdoors, with any growing method.

Bloom Grow B Contains:
Chelated macro and micro trace elements, fulvic acid and vitamins.

Bloom Grow B Application Rates:
Recirculating 0.5-1 ml per liter
Soil 0.5-1 ml per liter
Run to waste 1-2 ml per liter

Bloom Grow B Packaged Product will Make:
1L = 2000L /  2.5L = 5000L

1L = 2000L / 2.5L = 5000L

Run to waste
1L = 1000L / 2.5L = 2500L

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