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SNS DC Fungacide Ready To Use

SNS DC Fungacide Ready To Use

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Benefits of using our Organic Disease & Fungal Control

  • A safer solution to your disease and fungal concerns when used as directed
  • Safe up to day of harvest when used as directed
  • Safe around children & pets when used as directed

How our Disease & Fungicide spray for plants works

  • SNS-DC™ provides a barrier and protective preservative shield for plants to heal and protect them against damaging microbes. The SNS-DC™ barrier is harmless to the plant but distasteful and toxic to molds, mildew, fungus and bacteria. SNS-DC™ Disease and Fungal Control is made up of pure natural materials that are highly water soluble. The natural materials are all FDA food grade and GRAS (generally recognized as safe when used as directed) materials. SNS-DC™ Disease and Fungal Control is exempt from EPA registration under minimum risk pesticide exemption under FIFRA section 25(b) and has a zero day restricted entry interval (REI) = 0.
  • How it Works: SNS-DC™ water soluble formula displaces salts and sequesters metals that the microbes depend on to colonize. The permeability nature of SNS-DC™ causes penetration of the microbial cell wall providing preservatives and inhibitors to work on the Fungus, Bacteria and Molds which are prevented from decomposing the plant cell wall do to the natural preservative action of SNS-DC™. Microbial cell wall dehydration and resulting death of the microbe is caused by the natural dehydration agent and oxidative action of SNS-DC™.

Types of disease our Organic Fungicide gets rid of

  • DC kills Black mold, Leaf Rust, Mildew, Bacterial Blast & more.

Where to use our Organic Disease & Fungicide spray

  • Home & Gardens
  • Hydroponics
  • Greenhouse
  • Agriculture

Mixing Compatibility

  • Mix DC with PC and 209

How to use our Organic Disease & Fungal Control concentrate

  • Foliar Spray: Spray all plant parts (leaves, stems, stalk, crowns, & other). Spraying lightly on top of the soil may be helpful in reducing unwanted yeast & molds.
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