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FLEX Liquid H202 34%

FLEX Liquid H202 34%

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H202, or hydrogen peroxide, can be used to solve a variety of issues in the garden. Spray the H2O2 solution onto the roots and soil of your garden, this then oxidizes the soil and allows the roots to absorb nutrients from the soil. This also helps with pesky issues such as pests and unwanted bacteria and fungi that inhibit the health of your plants. For Hydroponic setups, hydrogen peroxide provides a multitude of benefits such as killing off potentially harmful bacteria growth, combating low oxygen levels in water, and more!

H2o2 can also be used to aid in the disinfecting of tools and accessories to prevent the spread of diseases through plants.


  • Environmentally friendly solution for pest, bacteria, and fungi control.
  • Prevents root rot in plants and provides nutrients through oxidized soil.
  • Cleans and disinfects tools, reservoirs, and dripper lines.
  • Provides oxygen source for water.

How to use

To use on plants, dilute the Flex H202 solution with water and then spray the mixture onto areas of concern. Be careful not to over use the product, a little goes a long way in the care of plants.

Handling & Storing instructions

When working with Flex H2O2, wear rubber gloves to protect skin from coming into contact with the solution.

Ensure product is stored in a cool, dark place away from direct sunlight or another heat source. As with all garden chemicals, it should be in a tamper-proof bottle or flask.

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