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Goonie Grains™ Grain Spawn - Sterilized

Goonie Grains™ Grain Spawn - Sterilized

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Pacific Substrates Goonie Grains - Mushroom Grain, 4 lb Bag Spawn

Designed to meet the needs of all levels of growers by making commercial-quality materials available at a lower cost, Pacific Substrates utilizes efficient procedures to create these custom blends of mushroom compost and spawn and bring truly superior products to the market.

Industry-leading quality includes a 6 month shelf life and top-of-the-line ingredients. All products are packaged in XLS-T bags and fully sterilized to ensure successful and non-contaminated colonization of the chosen mushroom spores.

Pacific Substrates Goonie Grains is a production-ready grain spawn mix to help you grow and expand thriving mycelium. This rapidly colonizing oat and sorghum blend maximizes inoculation points and is ideal for grain masters and bulk transfers.


  • Suitable for use with many different mushroom spores
  • Includes premium whole oats, sorghum, gypsum, and lime
  • Sterilized to ensure successful spawning without contamination
  • Packaged in XLS-T bags for easy transport and efficient deployment
  • Hydrated and ready for use
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