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Juice by Super Poop - 32oz

Juice by Super Poop - 32oz

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Juice by Super Poop is nature's best liquid plant food!  It contains essential minerals and nutrients imperative for optimal performance and deters root rot.   Juice can be used on any soil and promotes larger budding/flowering site for larger blooms and yields.  It also contains beneficial micro-organisms that bring soil to life and has balanced PH level.  If used correctly will not burn plants.  Juice will feed and energize key soil microbes and mycorrhizae.  It's all natural and contains no heavy metals and is also safe for hydroponic growing!  

 Juice by Super Poop contains the following nutrients:  Calcium, Magnesium Phosphorus, Iron, and many other micronutrients that allow plants to thrive.

 Ingredients are:  Water, Super Poop (100% natural earthworm castings), Compost, Super Crabs (Gulf Blue Crab Shell Powder), and Natural Sugars.

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