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PhotonTek X 465W Pro LED Grow Light

PhotonTek X 465W Pro LED Grow Light

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PhotonTek X 465W PRO LED Grow Light

The PhotonTek X 465W PRO LED Grow Light is manufactured using only the highest-grade materials and components. PhotonTek’s experts have combined the best high quality, full spectrum light with the highest intensity PPFD to be delivered through a multi-bar, linear design. The PhotonTek X 600W Pro delivers the highest quality light for your plant’s entire growth cycle, making these LEDs the smartest option for healthy, potent harvests a faster return on investment.

    PhotonTek X 465W PRO Product Documents

    PhotonTek X 465W Spec Sheet
    PhotonTek X 465W Instructions Manual
    PhotonTek X 465W Certificates & Technical Reports

        PhotonTek X Features

        PhotonTek’s X 465 watt Pro LED grow light creates a staggeringly consistent light spread at close distance from the crop canopy with a total PPF output of 1256 µmol/s and a photon efficacy (fixture efficiency) of 2.7 µmol/J so the plants in your indoor grow room, grow tent, multi-layer system or other indoor grow space produce incredible results at harvest.

        The PhotonTek X 465W Pro increases yields up to 30%-60% while reducing HVAC needs 30%-40% when compared to similar HPS lighting systems.

        The X 465W PRO LED is manufactured using top-shelf, durable PhotonTek drivers and top bin LEDs for an optimized, full-spectrum light source that’s perfect for both veg and flowering stages.

        Increased Output and Less Maintenance

        This flexible, low powered, yet efficient LED grow light utilizes five 93W LED bars resulting in lower temperatures, increased output, and less maintenance.

        Operate this flexible fixture in any configuration from a single light bar to the full 5 bar line-up at any intensity by simply adding or removing the desired amount using the fixtures’ innovative click-magnet design. The driver can also be detached from the fixture and used away from the fixture for your convenience.

        The X 600W PRO LED grow light can also be externally controlled with a P-TEK Digital Lighting Controller allowing you to control light timing, automated dimming, temperature safety control, sunrise & sunset for up to 100 fixtures per controller.

        Universal Control Systems Compatibility

        PhotonTek Pro LED Fixtures can be fully controlled with either the PhotonTek Digital Controller or with any other control system that utilizes a 0-10V output signal. Even if your controller has an RJ port interface, you can still run PhotonTek LEDs by using a signal converter RJ to 0-10V control adaptor.

        PhotonTek X 465W PRO Spectrum

        Key Features

        • Efficacy: 2.7 µmol/J
        • PPF: 1256 µmol/s
        • Input Voltage: 120-270V
        • Driver: 465W 120V-277V with Twist Lock capability
        • Power Consumption: 465W
        • Coverage Area: 3,3′ x 3,3′ –  4 x 4′
        • Waterproof: IP65
        • Lifetime: 60 000 Hrs
        • Light Distribution: 120º
        • Light Source: Osram & Lumileds Diodes
        • Dimmable: OFF-25%-50%-75%-100% with 0-10V Light Dimmer (Included)
        • External Control: With P-TEK Digital Controller
        • Weight: 24.25 Lbs
        • Dimensions: 39.29” x 35.43” x 2.92”
        • Spectrum: Full Spectrum
        • BTU (With Driver Attached): 1706 BTUs/h
        • BTU (With Driver Remote): 1586 BTUs/h

        Product Highlights

        • Highest Market Fixture Efficacy 2.7 µmol/J
        • High PPF output for high intensity: 1256 µmol/s
        • Lowest $/µmol
        • World Class Diodes & Drivers
        • Optimized Full-Spectrum
        • Detachable Driver
        • Fully Dimmable
        • External Control with P-TEK Digital Controller
        • Interchangeable Magnet LED Bars
        • User Friendly & Easy Set-Up
        • 5 Year Warranty

        What's Included

        • 5 x P-TEK 93W Full-Spectrum Magnet LED Bars
        • 1 x P-TEK 465W Driver with Connecting Cables
        • 1 x LED Structure with Connecting Cables
        • 2 x Power Cables (NEMA 5-15P Plug for 120V )
        • 1 x 0-10V Light Dimmer + Velcro
        • 2 x Metal Cable Hangers
        • 1 x Manual

          PhotonTek X 465W Pro Specifications

          Veg Footprint

          5’ x 5’
          Flower Footprint 4' x 4'


          465 watts

          Light Output 1256 µmol/s
          HID/HPS Equivalent 800 watts
          Dimensions 39.29” x 35.43” x 2.92”
          Weight 24.25 Lbs
          Recommended Height 12" Flowering, 24" Veg
          Manufacturer's Warranty 5 years
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