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SuperPoop Worm - 20lb

SuperPoop Worm - 20lb

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Super Poop worms are fed an organic grain ration making our castings superior to others. They are packed with powerful nutrients and live microbes!

Many worms have been fed newspapers, lawn clippings, and other waste products producing an inferior, and subpar casting at best.

What is a Worm Casting?

Worm castings are the richest natural fertilizer known to humans. That's right: as little as a tablespoon of pure worm castings provides enough organic plant nutrients to feed a 6" potted plant for more than two months. Worm castings stimulate plant growth more than any other natural product on the market. Unlike processed chemical fertilizers, it is absorbed easily and immediately by plants! Worm castings not only stimulate plant growth, they also enhance the ability of your soil to retain water (because of its texture), and it even inhibits root diseases such as root rot!

Why are Worm Castings So Beneficial?

Worm castings contain a highly active biological mixture of bacteria, enzymes, remnants of plant matter, as well as earthworm cocoons (while damp). The castings are rich in water-soluble plant nutrients, and contain more than 50% more humus than what is normally found in topsoil.

Worm castings are packed with minerals that are essential for plant growth, such as concentrated nitrates, phosphorus, magnesium, potassium, and calcium. It also contains manganese, copper, zinc, cobalt, borax, iron, carbon, and nitrogen. However, best of all, these minerals are immediately available to the plant without the risk of burning the plant. Remember that chemical fertilizers have to be broken down in the soil before the plant can absorb them.

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