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Terra-Duct - 4" x 25'

Terra-Duct - 4" x 25'

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Terra-Duct - 4" x 25'

This a value size ducting which is 25 feet long when fully extended. Plenty of length to run an air line to remote HVAC registers, build an intake and exhaust ventilation inside your grow room or any other air circulation needs.

Keep your ventilation system free of rips and pin holes. This ducting is built with a layer of Heat Reflective Fire-Retardant Aluminum, Covered with PET for additional endurance and Steel Wire Helix to preserve the Ducts shape.

Our 4 Inch Duct is super flexible and easy to install, it will slide right on your Duct Fan, Vent Exhaust, Carbon Filter or Light Reflector. We include a pair heavy-duty zip ties to make the installation a breeze.

This Ventilation Duct is 4 Inches in diameter and comes in one 25 Feet Long Piece, which can be cut into as many pieces as you need using a wire cutter and a paper knife.

Our Ducting Is suitable for any Heating Ventilation & Air Conditioning (HVAC) Purposes. It will move and deliver air in Kitchens (cooking exhaust), Green Houses and Grow Rooms (Air Circulation, Intake, Exhaust and Light Fixture Cooling), Bathrooms (Smell and Moisture Exhaust), Dryer Rooms, Grow Tents and other applications you have in mind.


  • Material: 3-Layer
  • Diameter: 4in
  • Length: 25ft
  • Includes: (1) Duct (2) Heavy-Duty Zip Ties
  • Made in the USA
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